Welcome to Hampshire Collegiate Prep School

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As you enter the gates of Hampshire Collegiate School (HCS) you know you have found somewhere special. That feeling gets even stronger as soon as you reach the Nursery and Prep School where the children and staff you meet have a vibrancy and a shared sense of pride and depth that goes way beyond simply welcoming a visitor to our school. As a team, we give everything to ensure your child not only reaches their full potential academically but also experiences an academic and pastoral curriculum, which is distinctive and focused on each individual to ensure they aspire to be their best in their own unique way.

Here at Hampshire Collegiate Prep School (HCPS) we are proud to be different.  We believe that education should form a lifelong journey and it is our responsibility to set your child on this adventure by inspiring them with a never-ending sense of discovery.  

We provide an education with character that uncovers and nurtures each child's niche and encourages ambition and success.  Our excellent level of pastoral care motivates our children to grow in confidence and independence. Our school values of Ambition, Compassion, Integrity, Perseverance and Respect are intrinsic in all that we do to support our children to face any challenge with confidence and purpose.  I would be delighted to introduce you to my wonderful staff and children and invite you to immerse yourself in our surroundings.  

Helen Donnelly
Head of Prep 

If you would like to arrange a visit or are interested in registering, please contact us at hcps@hampshirecs.org.uk


Prep School News

Nursery Study Growth in Seeds
Nursery started with looking at primroses and what the effects were with watering one and not the other. They very quickly made the connection that without watering the plant, it quickly withered ...
Year 5 and 6 Boys Attend London Irish Coaching Session
The boys had the opportunity of working with the London Irish coaching staff to work on their passing and tackling skills.  They then played a match between themselves under the direction and ...
Year 6 Having Fun with Learning Outside the Classroom
Having read and chatted about the inspirational poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll in their English lesson, our Year 6 children ventured deep into our school grounds to create their very own ...