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LOC - A Touch of Magic

Something amazing happens when we get outside the classroom. Thinking and exploring become even more fun, and we can find a fantasy world in the woods or a science world for our observations and measurements. The glorious grounds that surround the Prep School (130acres of them!) are an inspiration, however we look at them, and whatever the weather.  Every child has at least one timetabled lesson outdoors each week.  Wellies and raincoats are part of growing up, whether we are learning or just jumping in puddles.

Sometimes we use nature as the raw material for our art; collage is all the more creative when it’s done outside. We might make a jabberwock or look for the fairy house in a tree (yes we really do have one, deep in the wood!). We might let our excitement show us new ways to use language creatively and confidently. We might find thoughtful ways to measure the height of a tree or use data loggers and computers to measure the weather or find out what colour sunglasses are most effective. It’s all magic in its own way.

Florence Nightingale played in these woods when she was a little girl and developed an intense passion for nature and for the creatures of the wild. When she was challenged by deep thoughts, or burdened by uncertainty, she found freedom and comfort in the woods of Embley Park. So do we, every week, it’s our special kind of magic!


Prep School News

Nursery Study Growth in Seeds
Nursery started with looking at primroses and what the effects were with watering one and not the other. They very quickly made the connection that without watering the plant, it quickly withered ...
Year 5 and 6 Boys Attend London Irish Coaching Session
The boys had the opportunity of working with the London Irish coaching staff to work on their passing and tackling skills.  They then played a match between themselves under the direction and ...
Year 6 Having Fun with Learning Outside the Classroom
Having read and chatted about the inspirational poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll in their English lesson, our Year 6 children ventured deep into our school grounds to create their very own ...

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About Hampshire Collegiate School

Hampshire Collegiate School near Romsey is an independent school for boys and girls 2–18. Our 130 acre site – once home to Florence Nightingale – includes beautiful Grade II listed woodland gardens, sports pitches and educational facilities. We combine an ‘academic ambition’ programme with development of a wide range of skills and interests for every pupil.

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